documentary wedding photography

As a passionate street photographer, much of my time is spent shooting candid images of people and capturing moments in time. As a consequence of this, I have followed with interest the increasing profile of documentary wedding photography - in essence, taking a street style of photography and applying it to photographing weddings. No contrived photo shoots - just an unobtrusive, 'fly on the wall' approach that results in genuinely spontaneous images that tell the story of the special day.  

my services

So, you've begun planning your wedding and think a documentary style of photography may be right for you? I'd be happy to discuss various options and provide you with a little more detail about what I have to offer. From photographing only the ceremony, through to capturing your entire special day, I'd be happy to tailor a package to suit your particular requirements and budget. Please feel free to get on touch via my contact page and we can take it from there.

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