Father’s Day

The combination of spring weather and Father’s day made for a busy afternoon in the shops, pubs and cafes around Guildford.  Here’s a few images I captured whilst wandering around.

Winter Morning

More than a few of my morning kayak sessions lately have been solo affairs, as other regulars holiday in warmer climes or simply choose a warm bed over the cold and dark river. This morning was no exception and I found myself paddling alone through a thick blanket of winter fog. The payoff came later though, as I was leaving the club. Thankfully I had my camera in my bag, which enabled me to capture a few images before heading off to work. 

Close to home

After mountain biking this morning I was keen to get out and do some street photography, but couldn’t be bothered getting back in the car to drive anywhere. So instead, I just took a walk around the neighbourhood. And came back with a few images I really quite like. Proof that we’re always surrounded by things worthy of our attention, if we just open our eyes to them.


Why this website? I’ve been taking photographs of all manner of things, on and off, since I was a kid. I have no idea how many prints I have stuffed into boxes and digital files saved to hard drives. But mostly these images never get looked at - not even by me, let alone anybody else. And if they’re never looked at, why do I spend time and money creating them? So, with the encouragement of a few people (and probably to the dismay of some others), this site is somewhere for some of my images to ‘live’. I’m nervous about opening up my work to criticism. But knowing that others might see the pictures I make is an incentive to try to improve the quality of them.

So, have a look around. I’d love to hear what you think - both about the site in general, but also about any specific pictures. You can get in touch via the Contact link.  


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