Fujifilm X-Pro2

Around two years ago I purchased my first Fujifilm ‘X Series’ camera - an X100S - to augment my, then, fairly extensive range of Pentax DSLR gear.  The attraction of the X100S was its reputation for outstanding image quality (even JPEGs straight from the camera), high ISO performance and above all, compact size.  The X100S won me over, so much so that I sold a bunch of my Pentax gear to fund the upgrade to the X100T around a year ago.  Since that time my remaining DSLR gear had sat unused.  So over the past few weeks I sold off my remaining Pentax body and lenses and yesterday purchased Fujifilm’s high-end X-Pro2.  In terms of its form, it is not unlike the X100T, but as an interchangeable lens body.  To begin with I’ve opted for a 27mm/2.8 ‘pancake’ lens as my everyday walk-around for street photography and a 14mm/2.8 wide angle.  To follow will likely be the new 50mm/2 when it’s released in a few weeks.  As someone who shoots a lot of B&W, the X-Pro2’s Acros high contrast B&W film simulation appealed to me.  So too did its reputation for producing usable images at crazy-high ISOs.  Yesterday evening at Perth’s Fringe Festival gave me an opportunity to experiment with these.  I have to say that so far I’m very impressed. 

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